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At ICC Safety Solutions, we’re challenging the status-quo for project safety and loss mitigation by implementing smarter solutions in six critical areas.


ICC Forensics brings decades of experience to crane accident investigations and provides critical expert witness support for litigation containment. Read More


ICC Accident Data & Analytics provides crane accident data with professional engineering-based cause and origin assessments to enhance safety. Read More


ICC Mat & WindShoe System is a patented ground stabilization and safety device that prevents crane tip overs. Read More

Under Development

Risk Logic

ICC Crane Risk Logic is a proprietary software solution that dramatically improves safety in real-time while capturing critical data. Read More

Under Development


ICC Overhead Power Protection is proprietary software that detects/maps and warns customers of overhead power line exposure. Read More

Under Development


ICC Training system includes safety culture, CCO certification preparation and loss mitigation support. Read More

Under Development

There’s no substitute for experience.

Your safety matters, so does your success. That’s why we’ve brought together a team of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the crane and construction safety industry. Combined with our proprietary and patented technologies, we’re setting new standards for the industry – and the world.

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