We started ICC Forensics to provide the best possible forensic consulting services for a variety of cases across multiple areas of expertise.

Our dedicated team brings over a hundred years of experience analyzing incidents around the world.

We bring decades of experience to every assignment.


Jim Wiethorn begins his forensic engineering career.

In 1987, after retiring from the construction industry, Jim Wiethorn joined Haag Engineering Co. and started a new career in forensic engineering. Jim provided expert consulting services related to crane, rigging and construction accidents.



Matt Gardiner joins Jim Wiethorn to form the Crane Group.

After meeting Jim Wiethorn on a construction site, Matt and Jim collaborated to form the Crane Group. Matt brought additional depth and expertise for investigating and consulting on a variety of crane, rigging and construction related accidents.



Dave Palo joins the Crane Group.

Dave Palo joined Jim Wiethorn and Matt Gardiner in the Crane Group to provide technical services and added depth to their expert services with his CAD and 3D modeling skills.



Ray King joins the Crane Group.

Ray King joined the Crane Group full-time after first interning with the group. Ray brought technical and consulting depth with his analytical and consulting expertise.



Jim Wiethorn publishes “Crane Accidents: A Study of Causes & Trends to Create a Safer Work Environment, 1983-2013.”

The largest and most extensive research ever conducted in the industry, a total of 501 crane accidents were evaluated over a 30-year period.



Wiethorn updates the study to include 701 crane accidents.

Jim’s dissertation, “An Analysis of Critical Factors of Lift Planning to Improve Crane Safety Based on Forensic Causation of Crane Accidents” examined causation and established duties and responsibilities in accordance with ASME B30 national consensus standards.



2020 – ICC Forensics is formed and opens for business.

In November 2020, Matt Gardiner joined ICC and started ICC Forensics to deliver unparalleled engineering & consulting services for the crane, rigging and construction industry.

Our people are the best of the best.
It’s that simple.

Matt Gardiner, P.E

President, ICC Forensics, LLC

Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Ohio University Licensed Professional Engineer, Participating committee member, ASME B30 NCCCO Rigger/Lift Director Certification Committees Matt began his work in the construction industry in 1997, working on a variety of construction projects including residential, industrial, commercial, high rise, road, and bridge construction projects. After 8 years in the construction industry, Matt began his work as a forensic engineer with Haag Engineering Co., where he provided forensic consulting services related to crane, rigging, demolition, and construction accidents, as well as a wide variety of structural failures and collapses. Since 2005, he has provided expert consulting services on approximately 600 crane and construction related incidents, providing expert reports, deposition, arbitration & trial testimony, and consultations during mediations. In addition to providing forensic consulting services, Matt has worked with crane and rigging companies, mine owners, petrochemical facility owners, and contractors to create safety policies related to cranes and rigging. Matt also provides third-party lift plan review services for critical lifts. Matt has been a licensed professional engineer since 2005, and is licensed in 24 states. He volunteers with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) to create and maintain both the Rigger and Lift Director certification programs. Matt is also a member of the ASME B30.5 sub-committee that creates and maintains the national consensus standard for mobile cranes, and he is also a member of the ASME B30 Main Committee that approves and maintains all of the ASME B30 lifting standards.  Matt and Jim Wiethorn joined forces to form ICC Forensics in the fall of 2020.  Matt has served as Owner and President since. 

Jim Wiethorn

Ph.D., PE
Jim Wiethorn has been involved in the design, construction, and evaluation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings since 1973. His experience has included evaluation and assessment of damage and failure of all construction types and systems, in particular, crane accidents and operations. His construction background includes involvement as a third-generation general contractor in the family business, as well as Certificate of Competency as a General Contractor in Florida, by exam.

Dr. Wiethorn has owned and operated cranes while working in the construction industry and has evaluated over 1,100 crane and rigging failures throughout the United States and abroad. Currently, he serves on the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (“NCCCO”), Tower Crane Committee, and Rigger Task Force Committee dealing with the testing and certification of crane operators and rigging. Additionally, Dr. Wiethorn is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (“ASME”) B30 Main Committee; and, B30.3, Tower Cranes, and B30.29, Self-Erecting Tower Cranes sub-committees.

In 2018, Dr. Wiethorn received a patent for Securement for Crawler Cranes and System and Method for Use of Same to address large cranes working in heavily congested area. He currently has non-provisional patents pending for Crane Risk Logic; Overhead Power Hazard Identification and Non-Accident Data (Evaluator).. Dr. Wiethorn is a founder of International Crane & Construction Safety Solutions, LLC,. and is currently licensed as a professional engineer in 35 states. He has testified in over 130 trials and 320 depositions and has been named as one of Engineering News Record’s Top 25 News Makers in 2015.

ICC Forensics

Kevin Cunningham

Kevin Cunningham is a seasoned crane industry entrepreneur and has successfully founded and operated four separate risk management-based insurance underwriting companies over the past 25 years specializing in the crane and heavy equipment operator industry segments. Cunningham is a highly recognized speaker and author of risk control and litigation containment techniques for crane & construction trade groups and industry publications.

He was one of the founding commissioners of the National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators (“NCCCO”) and is a former faculty member of the Construction Safety Council (“CSC”). Cunningham also developed the original Crane Industry Risk Management Support System (“RMSS”) for the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (“SCRA”).
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Ben Taylor, P.E.

Senior Engineer

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Ray King

Ray King, P.E.

Associate Engineer

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David Palo

Senior CAD & Field Technician

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