Our Security First Charter

Because data security is critical to everyone’s mission

The world is digital

We understand that fact. That’s why at ICC Safety Solutions, we have committed to making Security our first priority in everything.

Everything we think.
Everything we say.
Everything we do.

Security first. Everything else follows.

The ICC Safety Solutions
Community of Trust®

Our patented Community of Trust™ (CoT™) platform reprivatizes data networks, communications and digital identities through 5 integrated solutions:

Community of Trust Network

Reprivatizing data networks, communications and digital identities

  • Reprivata’s Community of Trust™ Network blocks/cloaks IP visibility – no public IP address, no “call home,” no public DNS and no forced reliance on public Certificate Authority.
  • This multi-layered encryption solution uses NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified Software configured to sufficiently protect classified data while in transit
  • Secure communications and Micro-Segmentation software certified by multiple independent third parties
  • Rigid adherence to multiple standards including NIST Cyber Security Framework and CMMC
  • Accessible via an application on any device
  • Implementable as an image – highly scalable and affordable

Global Threat Intelligence

Real-time cyber threat identification and mitigation

  • Enhances traditional perimeter security by adding a cyber version of RADAR, in true real-time, to detect and interdict incoming threats early in the cyber kill chain as they reach the perimeter but before they penetrate defenses.
  • Scalable, Distributable Threat Detection and Information Sharing System
  • Real-time SOC Active Defense
  • Real-time monitoring of third-party risk and information sharing

Community of Trust Legal Framework

Integrates interconnection, data protection and information sharing agreements

  • Provides a step-by-step plan that is designed to strengthen appropriate cybersecurity controls and achieve a higher maturity level over time for not only the Enterprise, but also its third parties.
  • Cyber-focused uniform legal agreements (Master Agreements)
  • Standardized Master Agreements – Cyber Interconnection Security, Privacy Data Protection, and Information Sharing Agreements
  • Agreements encoded in a format that is both human and machine readable
  • Contract Management System that scales globally to create, issue, log, administer, protect and defend (especially in judicial proceedings) every Agreement between Community of Trust™ Service Providers and their members including Employees, I3Ps (Independent Third Party’s) and Devices (IoT, IIoT, Edge, BYOD)

Community of Trust Central Privacy Authority

Collects, monitors and logs all data inside the CoT

  • Reprivata’s Central Privacy Authority addresses all privacy regulations worldwide including GDPR and CCPA. 
  • Flexible CoT™ framework intended to span a variety of functions necessary to monitor and protect the Community of Trust Network, its members, and their private and personal data 
  • Log ingestion and analysis engine responsible for monitoring the system logs of all of the various subsystems; the operating system, the encrypted tunnel, the VoIP and XMPP switches, the file-sharing, and email services etc. 
  • Gives individuals a way to legally own their own digital identity

Security First Academy

Arms employees and contractors with the tools to protect the organization through Cybersecurity Education, Awareness and Phishing Simulation

  • Reprivata’s Learning Management System is designed to help organizations, their employees and partners learn about cyber risks, uncover existing security vulnerabilities and be ready to take action following the “Security to the 6thPower™” methodology
  • Security to the 6thPower™
    • Educate
    • Calculate
    • Assess
    • Score
    • Plan
    • Secure

How a Community of Trust Works

Real-World CoT initiated for ICC Safety Solutions

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In today’s digital world, information is critical.

Reprivata’s Community of Trust helps ensure data networks, communications and digital identities are kept secure. We’re committed to securing the Internet. For everyone.


To learn how your organization can create your own Community of Trust, please contact us.