Prevent crane tip overs with our patented ground stabilization and safety device.

Our innovative mats are easily and quickly assembled because safety cannot wait.

We developed steel mats (shoes) that are connected to the tracks or to the front of the crane frame (hydraulic), to resist overturning when the crane is lowered improperly, or key items are skipped in order to get the boom out of the wind quickly.

Our Mat and WindShoe system is engineered for all crane sizes.

How it Works:

The shoe is secured under each track at one end of the track thereby increasing tipping resistance. For example, in conventional 300-ton cranes, the tipping point is moved out from the front of the track approximately 12-14 feet which increases tipping resistance (non-structural) by approximately 40%.

Areas of Impact:

Critical operations include refineries, industrial plants, oil fields, wind farms, barge application and dense urban areas. Cranes can be quickly and safely lowered to prevent the ill effects of wind or improper lowering operations.

The patented ICC Mat and WindShoe system can provide additional reach when tipping is the governing aspect of the operation.


Less internal support is needed with the separate mat system (same size 8’x40’) feature which allows for large-scale building of a solid platform for wind farms or roads for utility and other types of remote construction.


ICC Safety Solutions has formed a strategic business alignment partnership with OnPoint Manufacturing to efficiently manufacture and distribute the ICC Mat and WindShoe system.