It’s like GPS – but much smarter.

ICC Overhead Power Protection is proprietary software that detects/maps and warns of overhead power line exposure.

We supplement Risk Logic by including an innovative Overhead Power Protection device.

Our system uses GPS tracking of the center of rotation of the equipment and tip of the boom. Several systems can be employed to identify the power poles and lines that are adjacent to the site. GPS tracks the location of the center of the equipment and extension of the boom tip to maintain a safe distance.

Similar to overload, the system provides a warning and then stops operations once the equipment reaches a pre-determined distance from the power lines.

Areas of Impact.

The system is valuable on large scale road projects that identify power lines that transverse the site and other hazards including underground utilities and prior excavations.  An even more valuable use is for large refineries and manufacturing facilities.

Overhead Power Protection can be utilized with any equipment that can elevate including aerial lifts, dump trucks, forklifts, drilling rigs and others.

Patent Pending

This software system has a registered patent pending for its unique design and application in crane and construction operations. Technology development partners have been identified and selection for engagement to build this system is currently underway. Product availability scheduled for late 2020.